Curtains in Perth, Balcatta & Malaga

You want your home to have an elegant, sophisticated air, so you've searched for the right furniture and the right décor to fulfil that dream. However, your rooms still seem to lack something, and you've come to the realisation that you need curtains. Your Perth property requires more than generic, boring curtains—it needs lavish ones that fit the pattern and colour scheme you've already implemented.

Luckily, Blind Magic has just what you need. We have supplied Perth homeowners with beautiful window treatments since 1989. With our great service and attention to detail, you can rest assured that you'll receive exactly what you want. Browse our slideshow to learn more about our capabilities.

Reap the benefits of our Curtains

If you purchase curtains from our Perth showroom, you'll enjoy a plethora of advantages:

  • Flexibility: We carry curtains in every colour you could need and from all the top brands. Our selection includes Charles Parsons & Rowe Fabrics, Warwick Fabrics, Wilson Fabrics, Westbury Textiles, Ze'pel, Nettex, Gummerson, Filigree, Slender Morris, Elliot Clarke, Ashley Wilde, Unique Fabrics and Maurice Cain.
  • Energy-efficiency: Our curtains work alone or in conjunction with blinds or shutters to reduce heat transfer through your windows. As a result, you'll spend less to cool your home.
  • Privacy: Whether you choose gossamer-style or solid curtains, they'll still increase your privacy.
  • Beauty: We only use the best brands, materials and customisation techniques to ensure you receive the window treatments you envisioned.

Our curtains also come with affordable prices and a free onsite consultation. At this consultation, we'll assess and measure your windows, and we'll talk to you about your stylistic requirements.

Learn More

If you have any questions about curtains in Perth, or if you would like to schedule your consultation, call us on 08 9240 1677. We also invite you to visit our showroom to see your options in person.