Curtains Perth Residents Love!

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Curtains are still the favourite timeless way to dress your window! Curtains are available with many different headings (eg grommet, inverted pleat, ripple pleat, triple pleat, etc) and a huge range of fabrics to choose from. Whether you want formal or casual, elegant or modern, cottage or classic, there will always be something to take your fancy. Curtain tracks are fitted with cords that comply with current Child Safety Legislation.

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Swags & Tails are a very stylish treatment for the top of your window which can be used alone or over curtains or blinds. They are traditionally used in older style houses but are often used in modern houses as well. There are many different styles available; traditionally they are a scooped style valance with tapered tails often with a contrast reverse on the edges which are approximately one metre long. Our talented staff can show you a variety of different styles and finishes that are available for this product, and suggest wonderful combinations of fabrics and trimmings to create the look you desire.

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Pelmets are a way of finishing any window and can be mounted over almost any blind or curtain. Pelmets have the ability to really ‘lift’ the whole appearance of a room without needing to change any other feature, and they are equally suitable over cost-effective window treatments such as Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds. The combination of Pelmets with Curtains is still one of the most light-efficient and heat-efficient window treatments available. Pelmets can be made in any curtain or upholstery fabric and the design can be as individual as you are.

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There are many different tracks and poles available from simple single tracks to stylish poles, with a variety of paint & metallic finishes to complement your décor. There are also a wide range of finials which fit onto the ends of the poles. Many of these are on display in our showroom, but samples can also be brought out for you to select in your home.

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Curtain Valances and Jardinieres are positioned at the top of your window; they can be fitted over curtains or blinds or can stand alone. They are traditionally used in older style houses but are often used in modern houses as well. They can be made to your specifications to create a well co-ordinated unique room. There is a large range of trimmings which can be added to them, either on the base or on the top. Curtain Valances and Jardinieres are made-to-measure on our premises, which ensures quality control and harmony between products. We have one of the biggest ranges of fabric samples in our showroom for you to select from, and our talented staff can bring a selection from our range to your home for you to choose from.


Curtains can be motorised to enable easy operation with a remote control or a wall switch. It can also be incorporated into smart wiring. Motorisation has now become an affordable application. Sit back, relax and enjoy the controlled simplicity!